How To Keep Cats From Under Your Mobile Home ?


Mobile homes are a popular and economical housing option for many people. Unfortunately, they can also be an attractive shelter for stray or outdoor cats. Cats may dig or scratch under the mobile home, causing structural damage, creating disturbances, and potentially exposing residents to health risks. In this blog post, we will discuss effective ways to keep cats away from under your mobile home.

Reasons Why Cats Get Under Mobile Homes

Cats are natural explorers and hunters. They may also view the underside of your mobile home as a shelter from predators, harsh weather conditions, or a place to hide. Additionally, outdoor or stray cats may seek food and water sources near your mobile home, or a cozy spot to rest. Kittens may also wander under mobile homes to find a safe place to rest and hide. Understanding why cats may be attracted to the underside of your mobile home can help you develop effective solutions.

The Risks of Allowing Cats Under Your Mobile Home

Cats can cause significant harm to your mobile home structure by scratching, digging, and potentially causing structural damage. Additionally, the feces and urine of cats can pose serious health risks for residents, including bacterial infections, parasites, and diseases. The odor and noise disturbances created by cats can also be disruptive and unpleasant. Accessing and maintaining the area under your mobile home can be challenging with the presence of cats.

Effective Ways To Keep Cats Away From Under Your Mobile Home

Various effective methods can prevent cats from accessing the area under your mobile home. One such method is installing physical barriers, such as fencing or lattice to prevent cats from entering. Applying cat repellent substances, such as citrus oils or coffee grounds, can also discourage cats. Cleaning and maintaining the area can discourage cat activity, keeping it unattractive. Additionally, providing alternative shelter and food options for outdoor cats, and seeking assistance from animal control for stray cats can help reduce their presence.

Additional Tips For Keeping Cats Away From Your Property

To further reduce cat activity on your property, consider keeping your own cats indoors and spaying or neutering outdoor cats to limit their population. Training your dogs to deter cats, building cat houses, or designated cat areas can provide a dedicated option for stray or outdoor cats. Individuals may also participate in cat rescue and adoption efforts to address the growing population of stray and outdoor cats.


Preventing cat activity under your mobile home can be crucial to maintain structural integrity, prevent health risks, and avoid noise disturbances. Using physical barriers, cat repellent substances, and cleaning and maintaining the area can help deter cats. Additionally, spaying or neutering and providing alternative options for outdoor cats and participating in cat rescue and adoption efforts can help reduce cat population. Protecting your mobile home and property from cat damage and health risks is essential.

How to Keep Animals out from Under Your House

People also ask

How do I keep cats away from under my mobile home?

There are several things you can do to keep cats from going under your mobile home:

What type of barriers can I install around my mobile home to prevent cats from getting under?

Some effective barriers include chicken wire, lattice panels, or hardware cloth. Make sure the barriers are buried at least 6 inches deep to prevent cats from digging underneath.

How can I keep cats from wanting to go under my mobile home?

Cats are attracted to rodents and other small prey that may be under your mobile home. You can reduce the likelihood of attracting these animals by making sure garbage is properly stored and removing any food sources that may be outside.

Can I use a repellent to keep cats from going under my mobile home?

There are several types of repellents that can be effective at keeping cats away from your mobile home. Some options include citrus sprays, mothballs, and pepper sprays. Be sure to read the instructions carefully and use these products safely.

Should I use traps or poison to get rid of cats under my mobile home?

Using traps or poison to get rid of cats is not recommended as it can be dangerous for the animals and potentially harm other wildlife in the area. Instead, try using natural deterrents or consulting with a professional pest control service.

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